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King George, hipster typographer Chank's tribute to the Commander-in-Chief of the Free World. Part of his American Propaganda font pack, specifically designed for morale-reinforcing posters. (via Largehearted Boy)

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Some amusing recent search-engine referrals to this blog: "how to make a device to smoke marijuana" (wouldn't it make more sense to smoke it yourself?), "crack and cubase" (question: "name two addictive substances", perhaps?)


Last night's DJ set went quite well. This time, rather than using 2 CD players, I used one CD player and my Archos Jukebox, which worked quite well (though required a bit of thought to make sure that I have the next track in the appropriate format). If I had the money, I'd be tempted to buy another hard-disk-based MP3 player, synchronise the contents of both units and use them instead of actual CDs. (I heard some guy in New York or San Francisco or somewhere does something like that with iPods.)

The bands were also quite good; Smock are a quite promising mix of glitchy electronics, female vocals and shoegazer guitarwork. And Seedy Reed was just odd.