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Someone named April Winchell has an impressive awe-inspiring collection of unbelievably bizarre MP3s; from Christian Hygienist educational recordings to Hindi covers of ABBA, from TV celebrities' ill-advised attempts at singing to outsider art. Nice... I may have to grab some of those for my next DJ set. The only thing she seems to be missing is the Blind Man's Penis song. (via MeFi)

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Information on CD copy-denial systems and how they work.

I got my hands on four EMI Copy Controlled pseudo-CDs today, for research purposes. One of them appears to be a regular Red Book CD with no bogosities, but the other three have corrupt TOC data. It's funny because generic IDE CD-ROMs, like the one on my old Mac, rip them perfectly, whereas both the DVD and CDRW drives on my Linux box choke. More on that later.

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