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U.S. forces are using Metallica, Barney the Dinosaur to "break Saddam supporters". "Trust me, it works," says one U.S. operative.

The songs that are being played include "Bodies" from the Vin Diesel "XXX" movie soundtrack and Metallica's "Enter Sandman." "These people haven't heard heavy metal before," he explains. "They can't take it."

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After reading the comments about BeTh's boat-naming dilemma, my mind turned to the question of why there wasn't a DVD of cult 1970s comedy series The Goodies. The theories I've heard about this included (a) that it's considered too racist/sexist/politically incorrect for this enlightened age, (b) that Tim/Graeme/Bill would rather the public forgot about their youthful indiscretions, or that (c) no archival footage of the series survives, with decaying VHS tapes recorded off the telly being the only remaining record of this series.

So I decided to do a Google search for "the goodies" dvd, and lo and behold, it appears that there is now a Goodies DVD, with 8 episodes. And it's region 0 too, for those still trapped under the jackboot of the MPAA.

(It doesn't seem to have the pirate radio episode, alas, but you can't have everything. Maybe if enough people buy this one, they'll release more episodes.)

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Found in my spam filter: (Need sex tonight? Need a partner? Find one here.. Preview )

Now why does that remind me of a certain Digital Underground concept album (you know, the one that all the MONDO 2000/21C pomo types raved about back when anything that could be connected to "virtual reality" or "teledildonics" was hot)?

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The BBC report on the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles last Thursday, where Earth's reptilian rulers feasted on human flesh a bunch of rich old men gathered to play Illuminati and/or control the world. Apparently one of the delegates there was Henry Kissinger. (Hang on, isn't he legally a fugitive in France? If so, what's to stop the French police from swooping down at some opportune moment and dragging him off in chains to The Hague?) (via NWD)

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A few scenes of autumn in Melbourne. (Click thumbnails to see complete images)

As usual, if you want to use any of these images anywhere, ask me (blog at

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