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Leading Tory strategist is Britain's foremost orgy planner. Dougie Smith, coordinator of Conservatives for Change (he'd be a Wet then, I imagine), is also in charge of Fever Parties, a London-based swingers' party organisation (perhaps they're in London's equivalent of Ringwood?). Other Tories are not amused. Funny; I thought they were only into spanking and autoerotic asphyxiation. (via

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Shauna takes a break from her kilt-chasing activities for just long enough to tell us that the UK is lifting restrictions on working holiday visas for Commonwealth residents from August 25; applicants may be up to 30 years of age (rather than 27), and will be able to work in professions other than pulling pints in pubs and staffing youth hostels; and after one year, applicants can obtain work permits if they have sponsorship. The news release is here. I'm not sure I'll take them up on the offer as such, but it's nice to know that one can suddenly stop being too old for something.

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Is the new Harry Potter book a thinly-veiled Libertarian diatribe against government interference and gun control? Maybe J.K. Rowling is not so much the next C.S. Lewis as the next Ayn Rand. (via Reenhead)

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