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Giant mutant ant colony found under Melbourne. Thankfully, though, it's a 100km-across colony of regular-sized ants, not a colony of giant mutant ants. Still, the unusually cooperative Argentine ants are killing off native species and threatening the ecosystem, which is not a good thing. (via mporter)

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Four people in the Philippine province of Palawan have been arrested for murdering a wedding guest, and serving his roasted remains at the reception: (via darwin)

Farm laborer Eladio Baule, his son Gerard Baule and nephews Sabtuary Pequi and Johnny Buyot allegedly killed the victim, Benjie Ganay, on July 17 after Ganay accidentally touched Eladio Baule's daughter's bottom during her wedding party, Bacuel said. The four suspects, who were drunk at the time, then set fire to Ganay's body and Bacuel said the aroma of roasting flesh may have tempted the group to eat parts of the burnt body.

(Which translates, essentially, as "seemed like a good idea at the time".)

The crime was only discovered about eight days later, after the two nephews confessed to the police who originally found their accounts too shocking to believe. The nephews insist that they did not take part in the murder but were only forced to eat parts of the body.

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The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh: or the Cthulhu Mythos meets online journals, with the obligatory rap-metal band references and dumb online surveys:

We walked around and looked at all the rundown houses until even Chris admitted there wasn't anything to see. Finally we just went to the bar and hung out there for a while (they don't check ID which is cool). There were actually some guys our age and in thier 20s -- the oldest people I've ever seen here. Right away Chris started acting like a dick again, saying I could probably score with the girls there since most of them had my bulging eyes / narrow face problem.

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