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The Age reviews New Order's new album, drawing attention to Bernard Sumner's uniquely leaden songwriting:

Guilt Is a Useless Emotion provides the classic dodgy lines: "Real love can't be bought/It is wild and it can't be caught."

And below that, it accuses New Order of having been "the whitest - that is, most blindingly uptight - disco band in the world" (not that that's a bad thing; one doesn't listen to New Order for the same reason one listens to, say, Prince).

Was True Faith about falling in love with a person or falling in love with your sequencer?

Neither, actually -- it was about heroin.

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Once again, The Null Device can't be arsed doing an April Fools' Day edition. Blame having other things to do, and/or not enough good ideas that haven't been executed much better.

Meanwhile, on other sites, Momus reveals that he hates Japan, and Graham does his usual site-replacement. And also check out bORING bORING, a brilliant parody of a certain blog, right down to "TIRED" and "StudiousGirls" sponsor ads and Cory's DRM obsessions. The only thing they left out is Xeni's porn-kitsch-culture observations and any reference to Disneyland.

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