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Archaeologists have found remnants of the world's oldest pornographic statue, dating back about 7,200 years, in Saxony. Pornographic statues? I imagine that, not having printing presses or JPEG files, that's what they had to make do with. Still, it could be somewhat harder to hide under the mattress.

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Looking for thematic photographs for your blog posts/online articles? This article gives a number of websites such as stock.xchng, OpenPhoto and morgueFile, where public-domain, Creative Commons-licenced and otherwise free stock photographs may be found, and where photographers can upload their own.

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The transformation of Australian politics into a reality TV show gathers pace. Licking their wounds after their catastrophic electoral defeat, Labor have decided that one way to bolster their electoral chances next time around is to run more football personalities as candidates. In particular, they've got an eye on running Eddie McGuire in a Melbourne seat, and a few other high-profile footballers (and they must be high profile if I recognise their names) also being considered. There's nothing to instill respect in the meaningfulness of the democratic process like running footballers as celebrity candidates. Then again, who needs respect for democracy when you've got compulsory voting?

Reports that the Tories are in talks with Sam Newman, and that the Greens have recruited Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi and Tyrone Noonan of george to help them bust the major-party preference blockade, have not been confirmed.

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