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Dickon Edwards, frontman of indie band Fosca, author of the second-last-ever Sarah Records single, club night DJ, star of a million photographs and flamboyantly white-suited chap about town, is running for political office. Dickon is standing for the Green Party (yes, one of those exists in the UK) in the Highgate Ward of Haringey Council:

I promise to refrain from ever using the words inappropriate or error of judgement in official statements. That alone makes me pretty unique.
If nothing else, I want to generate a bit of publicity and visibility for the Green Party and for the local elections themselves, which tend to have a notoriously low turnout. Getting people to use their vote is something I do feel strongly about.

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A few photos I took recently:

Reflections on the London Underground:


A walk along Regent Canal:


And an uncommonly pedantic piece of graffiti on a Microsoft Office ad:


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The Silly Tube Maps page has apparently received a nastygram from Transport for London's lawyers, keen to protect their precious intellectual property, and will be shutting down on Monday. If you wanted to grab a map of which stations are within walking distance, or which ones are underground, or with the station names translated into German or rotated about the Thames, do so quickly.

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