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An interesting article listing 19th-century speculations on the future of sex: (Nerve, via A&L)
Hoping for a brighter future, some Darwinian feminist intellectuals prophesied that human beings in the new millennium would evolve beyond the animal demands of the body. They often translated this ideal into allegories of bodiless sex, hygienic sex and even mental sex.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? --acb

All men at Oneida made an effort to master this technique. Those who could not were labeled Leakers and were not allowed to participate in the Perfectionists' "complex marriage," a practice in which each community member is married to - and therefore allowed to have sex with - everyone else. Noyes himself designed the weekly sexual rota, assigning all women under 25 to men over 50, and vice versa. He also decided, according to eugenics and seniority, which couples would be allowed to have offspring.

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