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(Somewhat quirky) English translation of German newspaper article putting forward a theory that the Dark Ages never happened, and that 300 years of history were fabricated by the authorities of the time. (via Psychoceramics)
Emperor Otto III (emperor from 996 to 1002) wanted to be Jesus Christ´s representative on earth at the dawn of the 7th millenium (6000 years after Creation). The pope (999 to 1003) who was enthroned by Otto surported him with his knowledge of Arabian astronomy and mathematics... The invented but still empty centuries had to be filled with history. So Otto and Sylvester made up stories and a very big emperor Karl. Otto could refer to him as well as the pope, who had enthroned and anointed him emperor.
From Otto III to Friedrich II, the figure of Karl got more facets than a real person would ever have had. At other places other stories appeared, such as the fairy tale about (the ficitious) Harun al-Raschid. In this way, the Middle Ages partly invented themselves. Only with this bold thesis the contradictions between buildings, findings and documents disappear.

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