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Colombian politician, under pressure from US drug warriors, proposes killing US drug users:
Q: Colombia does not wish to be drug free?
A: Please. My brother Alfredo and his wife, they enjoy their marijuana. Maybe two or three times a month. Me, I enjoy wine with dinner. I see nothing wrong with any of this, but if the gringos wish to live drug free, the Colombian people would like to help.
Q: Do you envision a key role for paramilitary death squads?
A: Yes, and here we owe you a deep debt of gratitude. Throughout the Third World your CIA and special forces have worked with local armies and intelligence agencies to hone the death-squad technique. If political activists, labor agitators and peasant organizers can be eliminated, why not drug users?
Q: Who will man the squads?
A: Yankees. Colombians who have trained at the School of the Americas will return to the School to instruct your soldiers.

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