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Some game ideas we probably won't see:
Or what about putting a new twist on flight & driving simulations - inebriation levels? ... can you just imagine trying to control your vehicle when the monitor keeps blurring out, trees and buildings keep transmuting into doors or spinning tops, and the responses to your keyboard commands are sluggish and occasionally go off on tangents that you have no control over whatsoever. If you want some variations, try the Psychedelic settings.
Now, to be utterly tasteless... you could present Ruthless Revenge, Truth or Dare (interactive webcam version,) Gangsta (how to make your way through the ranks of the ghetto to the penthouse... imagine your own methods here...), Proctologist (need I say more?), Hard Time (a prison life sim,) and finally, The World's Oldest Profession. Plenty of tasteless fun to be had...

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