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A fascinating inside account of the anti-capitalist movement, by an infiltrating journalist: (Sunday Times, via A&L)
They include university lecturers, people from the BBC, wealthy psychology students, Oxbridge graduates, academics and social workers as well as a frightening hard core of activists from groups that have enjoyed a rebirth under the anti-globalisation flag - Class War, Black Dog and the Anarchist Federation... The youth of the 21st century are joining the new protest movement in droves in the belief that market forces, free trade and globalisation, far from making their world a better place, are enslaving the poor and despoiling the planet.
His instructions for Monday, if I wanted to be part of his group, were precise: "Avoid the Tube, the cops will bottle us in the stations. Bring hats, change them all the time - you'd be surprised how well it works at confusing people. Bring a change of clothing, too . . . it helps with the CCTV, which is everywhere." He also told me to bring a small radio, tuned in to the protest station Interference Radio, to follow the latest movements of the police.
Only 100 or so of those present say they will involve themselves in the peaceful Parliament Square demo. The rest insist they "just want to party". Party options are many and varied. Class War will attack branches of Reed Employment Services in protest over their payment of the minimum wage. RTS will be at McDonald's on the Strand for 10am. Another looser group is going into the City on spec.

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