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In Egypt, a rumour is spreading that the Coca-Cola logo contains an anti-Islamic message. Coca-Cola, meanwhile, has obtained a ruling from a top Islamic cleric clearing them; but the rumour keeps spreading: (AP; via BoyLog)
Buried in the script's curls, rumor has it, is "No Mohammed, No Mecca" in Arabic ... A reader would have to add a few strokes where they shouldn't be, lose a few others and squint hard to straighten out those robust English letters. Flipped upside down, or reflected in a mirror, someone looking to pick a fight could find blasphemy in the swirls.
On May 10, [the mufti, Nasr Farid Wasel] concluded that "there was no defamation to the religion of Islam from near or far." Those who spread false claims ... "will be plunged into hell for 70 autumns."

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