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Here's some impressive ingenuity: a Sydney-based naturalist has devised a number of ecological solutions to common domestic problems, such as keeping lizards to fend off cockroaches and garden slugs to eat bathroom mould: (via Found)
Slugs have a strong homing instinct, foraging in the damp night air and spending the deadly desiccating daylight hours in a cool, moist retreat. Robinson provided his new staff with comfortable lodgings in the shape of a little ceramic pot perforated with stars and crescent moons--the sort more usually used to waft perfumed oils around the place. "They soon learnt that was home," he says. Each night, the slugs crawled out of the moons and stars and slithered off on their fungal foray. At daybreak, they crept home where they were safe from bare feet and torrents of hot water.

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