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For some reason I keep getting entries in my referer log from local Windows-only web radio outfit, which seems to be some sort of venture-capitalised dotcom startup run by a bunch of ex-JJJ yoof-radio people. Of course, I can't tell for sure, as it's all in Windows Media format and the site works only in Microsoft Internet Exploiter. You see, I'm one of those subversives who doesn't subscribe to the Microsoft New World Order. (I use Linux, actually; the last version of Windows I used was 3.1.) And no, I'm not going to downgrade to Windows just to be hip enough to listen to your trendy radio show. Tunney et al., consider yourselves taken to task, and stop to think what your younger lefty rabblerouser selves would think of your reinforcing of the Microsoft multinational capitalist monopoly. It's not like there aren't any alternatives, you know...

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