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Melbourne readers: If you get a chance to see a band named Down Town Brown, do so. I just came back grom their show, and it was awesome. The three members got up on stage in brown suits and funny green hats, played a number of songs, danced robotically and put on a most entertaining show. Highlights included a live rendition of Quantum Funk and a very bootywhanglicious take on a Romper Room song. All in all, a lot of fun.

One support act (Clann Zu) was also great. Despite their name, they're not a German electro-industrial band, but a local five-piece, playing with a guitar, a bass, a violin, drums and lots of reverb/effects. A bit shoegazey, and with a feel somewhat reminiscent in places of the Paradise Motel. Their set was rather short, though, due to lack of time, though hopefully they'll play again soon.

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