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Tonight I went to see the band Sir at Bar Open. Sir consists of a female vocalist/guitarist, a guy playing an old Farfisa organ (and a tiny, ancient Yamaha synth), and a bassist (the latter being Matt Bailey, formerly of my favourite Australian band ever, The Paradise Motel). Their sound is rather subdued, languid, vaguely melancholy in places yet the kind of thing that melts into the background; it would be good soundtrack music for a low-budget arthouse film, or to put on whilst going to sleep. Though in places the vocals bring to mind that Future Music quote, originally about trip-hop, about taking as much Valium as you can without falling over before singing.

Anyway, Sir are playing at the North Melbourne town hall this weekend, so that may be worth checking out. They are also selling their album, The Night I Met My Second Wife for $10 at gigs.

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