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A lot has been happening in Your Humble Weblogger's corner of the world over the past few days, as the paucity of recent entries will undoubtedly attest. Last Thursday, Graham the Happy Scum came to Melbourne, and stayed at my place for a few days. During that time, we worked on a musical collaboration (which started out as "industrial dub" and promptly mutated), and went to one of the What Is Music? events, as described earlier. As it happened, Peter was in town as well, and I ended up getting together with him on a few occasions as well. Mr. Scum left last afternoon to get his football fix, and is apparently back in Albury now. Peter and his girlfriend are going back to Sydney tomorrow; they dropped in a few hours ago, and we talked and listened to music. It's good to catch up with friends.

What didn't I do? Well, I didn't go to the Grand Prix. I also didn't buy a bass guitar (though I almost did on Saturday). And yesterday I didn't do much at all, being rather tired and actually going to bed before midnight.

Another thing: my CD-R writer is playing up, annoyingly enough. It's probably something to do with the external SCSI case, though also annoyingly, I can't put it in any of the spare bays on my computer proper because the motherboard is in the way. Time to buy a larger case perhaps. (Anyone want a new, compact ATX computer case? Make me an offer.)

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