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Ah yes, Graham, I remember that Paul Lekakis song as well. And Male Stripper, by Man To Man feat. Man Parrish. (Should I be worried that I remember that in such detail? Oddly enough, I never did find out who exactly Man Parrish was, or why he was being featured.) I remember The 80s in fragments; I didn't hear Fade To Grey or Blue Monday first time around (though I still might have the 7" of Blue Monday '88, purchased in 1988, somewhere), though I do remember hearing Bizarre Love Triangle and some Italian disco number with lyrics like "let's go to the beach, and we can have a good time" (or something to that effect) playing from some teenaged girl's bedroom when dragged along somewhere with my parents. I somehow get the feeling that she looked like Molly Ringwald, or at least should have.

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