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Are hacking, fondness for computers or miscellaneous geek tendencies a sign of Asperger's Syndrome, a condition related to autism? Some experts believe so, others doubt it.

Math and engineering skills are common among patients diagnosed with autism or AS, both of which are genetic. Baron-Cohen's study of families with histories of autism or AS found twice as many immediate relatives (parents, siblings and grandparents) who are engineers as in the general population.

Assuming for a moment that "geek" tendencies and AS are the results of a genetic condition, this has potential evolutionary implications. Given that computer skills and similar cognitive abilities are a more adaptive trait in the modern environment than physical strength or fertility, such a condition may well be a mutation leading to more technologically adapted humans in the future. Whether Asperger's Syndrome (which some classify as severely socially debilitating) fits that bill, though, is an entirely different question.

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Posted by: stephanie wedgwood http:// Sat Oct 2 16:35:48 2004

I am a retired epileptically-inclined older female wth two grand-son (so far) who were first diagnosed with AHDH and schizophrenia...and then re-diagnosed with Asperger,s Syndrome. This at first frightened me, but I feel somewhat better knowing that it's simply a "geek" evolutionary mutation. My 18-yr old grandson prefers to stay in his room with his computers, and frankly so do I. Different from other people? Oh yeah! I've always felt different. Sociable if I had to be. Stay-at home if possible (retired) except for going out to a weekly poetry reading which I M.C. and a weekly workhop on shamanism which I co-facilitate with a local psychologist...for nerds, basically, with a tendency towards mysticism. All my daughters work with computers professionally (thank heavens; they earn a lot. Excllent mothers.) So this is a family profile, sort of. Any feedback?