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Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two Colorado teen-goths who acted out every picked-on non-jock's unspoken fantasy and massacred their classmates, are becoming cultural icons to an entire generation of teenage outcasts and misfits, with shrines and chat rooms in their honour appearing across the evil, evil Internet. Which means that they now share the same pop-cultural misfit Valhalla as Hitler, David Koresh and (in a few weeks) Timothy McVeigh.

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Posted by: ___________------------ http:// Sat Aug 30 19:31:58 2003

i love Eric and Dylan otherwise known as REB and voDKa they are my idols !! I hope that someday they return

Posted by: CaZ http:// Wed Nov 10 19:19:50 2004

Look beyond what Eric and Dylan did. The message runs deeper than the blood shed at Columbine.

Posted by: Terry Funk http:// Thu Nov 11 00:23:00 2004

They were patsies set up by the MK-Ultra first earth mind control battalion. I have proof.