The Null Device

I had an odd dream last night; I was in an electronics store (Tandy or Dick Smith or somesuch), and looking through the selection of CDs they had for sale. These were all vaguely arty "cyberculture" titles, of the sort you'd see mentioned in WIRED in the early-to-mid 1990s; futuristic transhumanist concept albums, CD-ROM multimedia works, "virtual reality", &c, most probably produced by Mac-toting cybercultural artists in San Francisco.

I looked at one title on a computer; it was an interactive guide on how to draw anime characters, and was published by IBM. The program was of the usual multimedia slideshow variety, with each page having some text/graphics and Back/Forward buttons, as well as a simple drawing area, where you followed instructions. These included drawing the head, then two circles for the eyes, and a few more things, and then choosing colours for the face and such. I didn't buy the program, though, as it was Windows-only and required Microsoft Word for part of it, for some reason.

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