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Former member of 90s heroin-pop band Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan joins New Order. Temporarily, mind you; he's filling in for Gillian while she takes care of her ill daughter. And in other news, the next New Order album has been announced: the title is "Get Ready", and it's due out on August 27.

(OK, so "Get Ready" it's not quite as enigmatic as "Movement" or "Low-Life"; let's hope it's not all e'd up dance anthems and Top 40 fodder. Actually, that thought reminds me of the worst version of Blue Monday I ever heard; yes, even worse than Orgy's kiddie-goth take on it. It was by an outfit named Exposed, and was pure commercial dance. The vocals were done in the usual commercial-dance girly-house style, with lots of "whooh!"s interpolated: "How, does it feeel, when you treeat me lahk you do. when you've laid your hands upon me, and told me who you are, whoo-ooh-ooh!". I believe Sydney wideboy Pee Wee Ferris was behind this cultural atrocity.)

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