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100,000 lemmings can't be wrong: An article on the alarming phenomenon of pro-anorexia web sites, organised by adolescent girls who cherish the symptoms of their eating disorders and bond together to teach others how to be better anorexics.
"girls strive to hold onto it. It's their identity," says Ellen AstrachanFletcher, director of the eating disorders clinic at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. "An alcoholic, once they admit their alcoholism, typically acknowledges this is a bad thing, I need to get into treatment. With anorexia, these girls say look at how much self-control I have, look at how much everybody cares about being thin, look at what I'm accomplishing."
"When I was in my peak anoretic phase, I dropped 60 pounds (27.22 kilograms). In three months! God, I want to be there again ... I want to be empty and clean and free again ... So, thankfully, ana has re-entered my life."

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