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Another conspiracy theory: Was Robert Elz' deposition and the handing over of the .au domain to a private corporation part of an ICANN plot to subjugate the Internet under multinational corporate control?
The real ICANN is carrying out its mission via control of the DNS - the ability of people to have an address that allows them to do business in cyberspace. ICANN will squeeze out independent voices by raising the cost of domain name registration and turning names over to private contractors with the obligation to fund ICANN at a rate of 15% inflation per year.
The Internet revolution gives everyone a printing press. This reality makes life more complicated for those who want only to sell the alleged benefits of globalism. By the time that we can be proven right or wrong about ICANN and content, it will be too late. The battle about address space is a battle about control. Control is worth having because it gives the possessor a lever to clamp down on content. To those who say well you can still hang out a web shingle as or, we reply under what conditions and at what expense? AOL is not a staunch defender of free speech.

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