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Bush lines up behind Northern Alliance in designing the future Afghani government. Given that they're cut from the same fundamentalist cloth as the Taliban, only without the Bin Laden connection, and thus have the same strong commitment to faith-based government (something Dimbulb wholeheartedly believes in), it's not surprising. Looks like the women of Afghanistan can't look forward to being able to live like human beings any time soon.

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Posted by: Ben Mon Oct 22 16:49:04 2001

You're being a bit harsh: don't forget the Alliance also includes the remnants of the previous Communist government, who were very liberal as far as women's rights go (something you never hear much about, strangely).

Posted by: Jimbob Tue Oct 23 04:27:43 2001

The problem is that Pakistan, a major player in this conflict, does not like the northern alliance at all! The day Pakistan's president had that big press conference before the attacks started, he made a big point that the war <i>must not benefit the Northern Alliance</i>. If we're wiping out the Taliban, but Pakistan won't let the NA come into power, who's going to run the country? Could we see some kind of post WWII scenario as happened in Germany, where various countries took over the recovery of different parts of the country? And if so, and Pakistan is a big player, what's India (and indeed Afghanistans other neighbours to the north) going to think about that?

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