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A new scourge is afflicting Manchester's gay bar/club scene: hordes of straight women who come for the atmosphere, and the hope of emulating the plot of a recent TV soap and "converting" one of those gorgeous, stylish gay guys. Only the gay guys aren't too happy about the whole thing:
"These women come clattering in here like herds of wildebeest, shouting: 'Oi! I think you're f---ing sexy'," complains Mark Blake, a Via Fossa regular. "They're always fat and bawdy, and I really don't know where they get their clothes from.

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Posted by: Graham Fri Oct 26 08:53:12 2001

Ahh, yes, the female yobbo set. I suppose they all play rugby too.

Posted by: Mihaly http:// Fri Oct 26 15:00:00 2001

I wonder if you have heard about Elaine and Fred Nile just introduced a bill (I suppose you could call it a 'motion') to introduce equal rights for heterosexuals? (in the NSW parlourment (delib!). Paraphrase: "we want heterosexuals to have as many rights as homosexuals"

Wonder if senility is actually sometimes a good thing?

Posted by: acb Fri Oct 26 18:13:40 2001

Mihaly: your comment had very little to do with my post. You may prefer to start your own blog. (You can do so for free in places like

Posted by: Graham Sat Oct 27 12:32:17 2001


Posted by: acb Sun Oct 28 07:48:24 2001

anyway, wouldn't a female yobbo be a "lriggo" by definition?

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