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The Liberals have announced part of their "social-welfare" policy, a characteristic mix of neo-liberal economics and "family-values" paternalism: tax breaks for having children. Which means that a Liberal government will offer a monetary reward for adhering to Howard's conservative, be-fruitful-and-multiply values. And since the reward is coming from our taxes, it translates into a relative financial penalty for those sinners and wastrels who refuse to breed. That'll teach the faithless swines.

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Posted by: Jimbob Tue Oct 30 01:47:29 2001

This "tax breaks for babies" thing completely reveals the racist paradigm that the Howard Government is based on...We spend millions of dollars trying to stop refugees arriving here because they might "overrun the country", yet the government also want to encourage women to have children, because the nation "isn't growing enough". So, we don't want those nasty asian/middle eastern people, we just want loads of good old-fashioned white aussie kids.