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Perception engineering: The Bush administration enlists the advertising industry into the war effort, in order to win the sympathies of the Middle East. (via FollowMeHere)

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Posted by: alex4.0 Tue Oct 30 06:33:39 2001

There was an item last year about the Army recruting (ha) a top ad firm to help boost their falling recruitment numbers. I was a little concerned to see these popping up in (I know they're not just for kids any more, but still) comic books. The US Army website, , had an interesting feature that should make conspiracy theorists sit up: large cash incentives for those who finish their basic training and ship out before September 26th (or thereabouts.) Complete with 'You may already be a winner!' advertising language. This was before the crashes on the 11th, of course. You may already be a wheezing, impotent, near-death veteran, more like. Gulf War Syndrome? There's no such thing, just ask the UK and US gubberments.