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The Election: Howard has promised more Federal police powers if reelected. This could lead to all sorts of nice things, like making things like marijuana possession federal crimes (as in the US), neatly overriding state-based decriminalisation, and the establishment of huge federal prison complexes in the desert (you must admit, "John Howard's Superprisons project" does have a catchy ring to it), not to mention a much more powerful and influential national security bureaucracy.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 30 13:31:08 2001

Eek. That superprison thing reminds me of that really, really, really shitty movie with Christopher Lambert in it, "Fortress". Yellow means danger, red means death, indeed...

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 30 14:18:14 2001


Ever seen "Ghosts of the Civil Dead"?

Posted by: alex http:// Tue Oct 30 14:50:00 2001

A consp.theorist I used to work with is convinced that the `internment camps', aka detention centres, that have been built in `the outback' have been there for a long time, long before `illegal' immigration was an election issue anyway. He maintains to this day that they *are not for the `boat people'*, but are for some other large group of unwanted people. Dissidents, perhaps.