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Who was Jack the Ripper? Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell believes it was renowned English painter Walter Sickert, and even bought and cut up one of his paintings in an attempt to prove it. Meanwhile this chap thinks that Lewis Carroll was the infamous killer.

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Posted by: Alex 4.0 Sun Dec 9 11:02:59 2001

Alan Grant's "From Hell" was a pretty interesting read. It also appealed to my appetite for conspiracies by implicating the freemasons ... a quick synopsis is that the queen's grandson was a bit useless and so in desperation his mother alix passed him on to Sickert to show him the world and hopefully find him a niche or raison d'etre. While under Sickert's wing this grandson of the queen fathered a child by a young sweet-shop worker, and married her under a false name in a discreet setting. Word of this got out and four prostitutes attempted to blackmail Sickert with this knowlege. The link to the masons was that they excercised a certain control over the Crown and saw this scandal, in light of the current political situation, to be detrimental to their interests. Dr. Gull, doctor to the queen, stepped forward to 'solve' the 'problem', the 'Cleaner' if you will. Grant's research seemed fairly exhaustive, and this 'crime novel' has come out hot on the heels of the movie version of From Hell. From the article

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Dec 9 11:07:34 2001

... "Cornwell's claims - which are to form the basis of her next book - were met with derision yesterday by Sickert experts and biographers outraged that one of his paintings had been sacrificed "to add credence to this silly theory". Their only consolation was that Cornwell appears to have paid well above the market rate for her collection." (...) "Richard Shone, who curated the last big Sickert show at the Royal Academy in London in 1992, said: "I can't believe she has done this, it's such a red herring. It all sounds monstrously stupid to me. Is she so obsessed that she doesn't mind the destruction of a painting by such a very fine artist to add credence to this silly theory? If even Sickert were Jack the Ripper it would not justify

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Dec 9 11:12:04 2001

uhh ... read the article. She's mad. Probably the daughter of a Skull and Bonesman ;cD

Posted by: acb Sun Dec 9 12:42:30 2001

From what I've read, the Royal/Masonic theory of the Ripper slayings is pretty much the mainstream theory; to the point where Richard Wallace mentions it, and then dismisses it, on his quest to show that Lewis Carroll did it.

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