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Some memes just keep going: Seen on a mX dispenser (that's the free murdoch full of celebrity stories, consensus-reality-reinforcing propaganda and other pinkness and horror) in Museum Melbourne Central station:

all your base are belong to us

There are 2 comments on "":

Posted by: jace http:// Mon Dec 17 12:47:28 2001

they changed the name from museum to melbourne central years ago, are you really having that much trouble keeping up?

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 17 12:51:00 2001

No, just that the name "Melbourne Central" is misleading. It's not named "Melbourne Central" because it is the main railway interchange for Melbourne. (That would be Spencer St., or possibly Flinders St.) It's named "Melbourne Central" because a Japanese shopping centre operator named their property that and bribed them to rename the station after it.

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