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Via Meg, this list of untranslatably nuance-laden words in other languages, some of which would make useful English loanwords:

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Posted by: Eliot FmH Tue Dec 18 07:13:50 2001

You are right indeed about bricolage/bricoleur. You might be able to find online the first chapter of Claude Levi Strauss' classic _The Savage Mind_ which talks about bricolage as a metaphor for the social construction of knowledge.

Posted by: Graham Tue Dec 18 07:57:01 2001

I vaguely recall someone suggesting "bricoleur" as the French translation of "hacker" (in the positive sense), though they've officially adopted something else not nearly as interesting.

Posted by: acb Tue Dec 18 10:36:27 2001

The (official) French neologism for "hacker" is "fouineur", which translates roughly as "one who pokes one's nose into things".

Posted by: Damien http:// Thu Dec 20 23:21:46 2001

The verb is "bricoler", lit. "to arrange"; bricolage and bricoleur are derived forms.

Posted by: lou http:// Sat Dec 22 02:48:36 2001

this is an off-the-topic one, but vaguely in the same vein (with bonus corporate stupidity): pajero, a popular 4-wheel-drive with inner-city dwellers means wanker in spanish... and "bricoler" is basically "to tinker [with something]", and "un bricoleur" is a handyman, "bricolage" being what a bricoleur does :)

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