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I had a dream this morning just prior to waking. In it, I ordered a CD single/EP from a semi-obscure independent band from somewhere around Norway or Iceland. (Their name, which escapes me, started with 'C' and they were of an atmospheric/post-rock/shoegazer style. Their artwork used colourised photographs/textures in vivid oranges and blues, with neat typography overlaid.) The CD came with a mail-order catalogue; in it there were various albums/EPs they had out and T-shirts, as well as a new single named "Lily's Song" or something similar. There was also an album of that title, due to come out in 2009, so it must have been a preview. A page of their catalogue also offered a single from The Cure (titled "regret"), for some reason. (Perhaps this dream took place in the future?)

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Posted by: Chris Barrus http:// Fri Dec 21 09:57:39 2001

Interestingly enough, there's a great (but apparently defunct) band from Finland called Coo that could have fit the bill. Definately shoegazer elements, but closest in sound to the first Verve album. Couple of comp tracks out there (including the amazing "Zavudi") and an EP called _Heavenly Blue_