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Ann "Kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" Coulter has another screed out, and in it she wants to invade France for breeding anti-American sentiment, funding the Palestinian Authority and refusing to extradite terrorist suspects:
Having exhausted itself in a spirited fight with the Nazis in the last war, France cannot work up the energy to oppose terrorism. For decades now, France has nurtured, coddled and funded Islamic terrorists. (Moreover, the Great Satan is getting a little sick of our McDonald's franchises being attacked on behalf of notoriously inefficient French dairy farmers.)
This summer, Paris made Mumia Abu-Jamal an honorary citizen of Paris. In America's cowboy, bloodlust, rush-to-judgment approach to the death penalty, this convicted Philadelphia cop-killer has been sitting on death row -- and giving radio interviews and college commencement addresses -- for 20 years. Since "Mumia" sounds like a Muslim terrorist, Parisians can use the same bumper stickers for the war.

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Posted by: Jimbob Mon Dec 24 01:26:07 2001

How can she get away with writing such unmitigated bullshit? Fucking rah-rah flag wavers.

Honk if you love nation-states and the millitary-industrial complex!

Posted by: Paulo http:// Mon Dec 24 09:54:09 2001

Well, she was already fired from the newspaper she was writing for because of her first outburst (the "invade muslim countries" one), so it's not like she get 100% away with it.

(However, this poses an interesting moral dilemma: if we fully support free speech, even for those whose ideas we hate, should we support Ms. Coulter's right to speak her mind too? Should we consider her as another victim of censorship in the U.S., along with liberals and pacifists? Has there been any liberal columnist fired recently because of his views?)

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 24 13:48:02 2001

I believe she should be allowed to speak. If nothing else, she provides good irritainment. Unless she's actually rallying lynch mobs or something, of course.

Posted by: loser Wed Dec 26 04:26:27 2001

Every time Ann Coulter opens her mouth she makes the radical right look like a bunch of rabies infected morons.

Consider me delighted.

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