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An interesting (if somewhat old) interview with Ken MacLeod where he talks about his books and the political/social systems speculated on therein:
I think a lot of people who are libertarians now are just libertarians because the stock market is going up, frankly. As long as the market is booming, they'll be pro-market. If there was another depression or something like that, they'd probably change their tune pretty damn quick.

(from the archives of a mailing list, from about a year ago.)

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Posted by: kenny http:// Sun Dec 23 21:41:46 2001

dunno if you've seen it, but you might be interested in his <a href="">usenet postings</a> following 9/11.

Posted by: mihaly http:// Thu Dec 27 15:05:59 2001

I dont know what this is supposed to mean either you are for a ffree market or you arent. What gives you the right to pass comment on a social academician, before attempting to understand what his proposal was even if it wasnt used by government? be careful what you say, is certainly true but more importantly, be true to what you say!! Mihaly

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