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Surprise, surprise: You know that company that, for a sum of money (insignificant compared to immortality) will name a star after you, your loved one, your dog or whatever? Well, what they don't tell you is that nobody else recognises those names; in other words, astronomers will not start referring to gaseous interstellar objects as "Joey Bloggs" or "Fluffy the Wonderhamster" or whatever just because you were gullible enough to part with US$48. Still, the scam has taken in many po'buckers, and some high-flyers including Nicole Kidman. (Who'd have thought she'd be gullible enough to buy into such hairbrained schemes?)

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Posted by: JImbob Thu Dec 27 13:48:36 2001

Remember how you could buy plots of land on the moon? These weren't $48 style, they were expensive. Once again, a commercial enterprise pulling this stuff off, but my understanding is that the moon is regarded the same way most countries view Antarctica; immune from territorial claims.

Posted by: alex Thu Dec 27 14:19:43 2001

i wish ASIC and other agencies would run more 'don't be stupid' honeypot schemes. they're usually pretty good, and they let the Fool keep His Money.

Posted by: mihaly Thu Dec 27 14:32:04 2001

Well, perhaps looks are invariately proportional, after all.l love those crinkly edges;) BTW did you see how bright Tom was this evening? He shone greater than any other star!

It's a pity that they couldnt have found a place in the universe together. There are stronger forces apparantly. bless you all. may you find your own star. or find a way to share it with whoever also owns it, if it is claimed already. I already claimed several galaxies a few thousand years ago. Of course I named them with names that arent recognised, but I will have no swell, that mihaly and leslie are not available for the naming rights good luck. PS they are about 17 million parsecs off to your right, as you look from east.

Posted by: Graham Fri Dec 28 03:07:15 2001

You seem to attract a lot of weirdos here, Andrew...