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Tackling the gangsta-homie problem: Under plans unveiled by Victoria's conservative opposition, teenagers convicted of graffiti-related offences will be ineligible for driving licenses until they are 20; the usual age is 18. This could be expanded into making drivers licences a badge of good citizenship, as they are in parts of the US. Not surprisingly, civil liberties groups have branded the plan as draconian. Anyway, from this it looks as if the next state election campaign can't be too far off.

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Posted by: epaul http:// Mon Dec 31 04:33:10 2001

Yep, that will really help with the graffiti on the buses. It will help a LOT.

Posted by: Graham Mon Dec 31 13:51:25 2001

... And the trains...

But yeah, that's a bit fcuked up. Whilst I agree that crap graffiti is an eyesore (in fact around I reckon people should print up labels saying "TOY" and paste them up under examples of such), I think that the weight given to it in comparison to other crimes such as murder, rape and fraud is quite disportionate.

The next Victorian election is still over 18 months away, innit? Unless something weird happens (like the MV Tampa did for Howard), I doubt that Napthine has a chance even now.

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 31 15:39:41 2001

Who knows; I figure the Liberals are trying to position themselves as champions of the New Authoritarianism that won Bush 80% approval ratings and got Howard reelected with an increased majority. Expect more paternalism, tough measures and promises of crackdowns on the ills of society.

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 31 15:42:21 2001

Mind you, whether the New Authoritarianism holds favour in Australia for 18 months is doubtful (this is the country where a bushranger/cop killer is a de facto national hero).

In America, it's expected to hold. Well, Henry Rollins told a 3RRR interviewer that he guarantees that Bush will win a second term, and he seems to be a cluey guy on how the middle-American mind works.