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History in the making: I went to the Punters Club tonight, for the last ever NYE to be held there before it gets turned into yuppie apartments and a Starbucks or whatever. I didn't see the first band; the second one was the once-off reformation of a band named Little Ugly Girls, who played some kind of punk/metal thing, with the singer writhing about in a green T-shirt on which was scrawled "PHILIP RUDDOCK NEEDS THERAPY" in what could have been red lipstick. Then at midnight or just before, some dudes calling themselves Legends Of Motorsports came on, attired in monastic robes. They played some vaguely pub-rocky thing. Not usually my cup of tea, but I was too inebriated to care (having had two beers, one which I bought, and one which was handed to me by a girl whose companion didn't want it). Anyway, I ran into some people I knew there (various local musicians), which was good.

Tell you what, I'll miss the Punters...

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