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As of now, I'm officially well into my late 20s and approaching the big three-oh. Which is perhaps a bit scary.

(And what do I have to show for my age? Not much; still no real estate or long-term relationships, and I still keep spending my spare time doing things like making weird music that probably never gets released. Perhaps the thing about adolescence extending into the 30s isn't all that daft...)

(OTOH, people do tell me I look younger than I am...)

No official celebrations today, though; the problem with having a birthday in early January -- other than it being too close to Consumermas -- is that a lot of the good restaurants and cafés are closed then; hence, I postponed the party I traditionally have for a week or so.

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Posted by: mihaly http:// Sun Jan 6 15:35:19 2002

You deserve a medal. pretty soon you'll be listening to "Things of Stone and Wood" welcome to the world of advertising. You're a target now. Enjoy it Capricorn. Happy Birthday.

Posted by: TOBY Mon Jan 7 09:13:42 2002

Yeah, happy birthday acb from another overgrown adolescent. Many carriage returns .

Posted by: shauny Tue Jan 8 03:19:57 2002

happy birthday, you old thing ;)