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A woman with the euphonious name of Decca Aitkenhead has written a book about her search for the perfect E (the drug, that is). The Grauniad has published an excerpt, in which her quest takes her to America:
When manufacturers began tampering with Es, they would substitute the cheaper ingredient of amphetamine for MDMA. Then came a spell when pills were laced with a hint of barbiturate, followed by a short but nasty batch of Es containing ketamine, a devastating veterinary anaesthetic. A particularly sneaky substitute is something called MDA, a derivative of MDMA. Popular with drug dealers, it mimics the effects of its chemical cousin for the first 15 minutes but then, very suddenly, it's over - giving the unlucky clubber just enough of a glimpse to tempt them back to buy another. A typical dud pill nowadays contains little more than glucose and caffeine, but MDMA is still out there and the quality of Es varies widely, each new brand quickly acquiring a reputation on the club scene.

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Posted by: Ben Tue Jan 8 03:57:35 2002

Don't expect to see it published here in a hurry.

BTW I should have the cable going in this Friday if the Testroids turn up like they are supposed to. I might hold a party!!!

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 8 05:57:34 2002

Heh.. chances are PolyEster will illegally import it and display it in their shop, challenging the morality police to raid them again (which turned out to be a bit of a PR blunder the first time around), so if you're willing to pay $54.95 for a copy (or whatever it is), you could probably find it there.