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Miffed at bans on whaling (and the limits of how much you can write off as "scientific research"), the whaling port of Hirado in Japan is looking at establishing a whale farm. The idea involves fencing off 2,000 square metres of ocean and then netting and corraling whales from the high seas in this area.

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Posted by: Jimbob Wed Jan 9 01:06:40 2002

The Japanese seem to have forgotten that Minke whales are a migratory species...

Posted by: acb Wed Jan 9 08:57:36 2002

Didn't the aurochs (the wild descendent of today's cows) roam over great distances in herds; and I suspect the wild fowl that chickens, ducks, &c. are descended from were migratory.

As such, I wouldn't rule out domesticating whales. If they can keep them penned up and keep them from dying, they can probably turn to breeding them for certain traits (or genetically modifying them).

Though vat-grown whalemeat from donor cells would probably be more practical.