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We are McWorld. Don't fuck with us. Human-rights groups and other commie-mutant-traitor-scum have been criticising the US's treatment of Taliban prisoners held at the Guantanamo prison facility. The US insists that the prisoners are not POWs but "unlawful combatants", and thus not subject to the Geneva Convention. Mind you, the Geneva Convention asserts that prisoners are POWs unless judged otherwise by a court, and says nothing about any "unlawful combatant" category. Then again, this is the US, a world power too powerful and important to allow itself to be bound by inconvenient international treaties.

For the moment, the US doesn't need treaties to ensure its security, as it has unchallenged military might. They don't need to treat others with respect to command respect; they command respect through fear, because they can rain death from above on anybody who gets in their way. (Though wait until, in the Sino-American War of the 2020s, the Chinese start taking US POWs; then they'll probably wish they hadn't torn up the Geneva Convention when they had the choice.)

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Posted by: TOBY Thu Jan 17 14:30:11 2002


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