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Tonight I went down to the Empress to see New Buffalo. The supports were various former bandmates of Sally's: one Lara M., who played keyboards and guitar, accompanied by a Roland PMA-5 and a sampler, and an outfit named Friendly Injun. The New Buffalo show was quite good, and probably the last one for a while, while they work on a full-length album.

I also ran into Libby from Sir there; she mentioned that Sir are going overseas (touring the US and Europe) soon, so their last show before they leave may be next Friday's, at the Czech Club in North Melbourne.

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Posted by: cos Wed Jan 16 22:56:10 2002

The Czech Club eh ? Interesting. I saw Uncle Bill (ie. the bluegrass band) play there in December, it's a nice place, with 500mL longneck Czech beers and goulash in the intermission. Nice.

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 17 03:45:26 2002

Hmmm.. I'll have to sample one of the beers then. Not sure about the goulash though.

I went there once or thrice during a Fringe festival some years back.