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3RRR just played the long version of The KLF's America: What Time Is Love?. That's not the neat acid-house/trance version you're probably familiar with, but nine minutes or so, with an intro, grinding guitars (apparently a Motörhead sample) and a middle bit which goes into Wagnerian operatic territory. Very cool. Now if only I could find a MP3 of it somewhere.

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Posted by: inferno http:// Fri Jan 25 14:53:30 2002

If you find that MP3 i'd really like to hear it.

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 25 16:55:17 2002

Apparently it's around on Gnutella.

Posted by: mike_farahbakhshian Fri Jan 25 22:17:14 2002

What needs to rear its head is an original copy of "1987: What the F*** is going on?" by the KLF's original incarnation, the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu....

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 26 03:42:37 2002

There were MP3s of that on Napster, or somewhere else. It shouldn't be too hard to find.

I've got copies myself, but don't have anywhere to put them online (well, not anywhere that I wouldn't mind losing).

Posted by: inferno http:// Sun Jan 27 02:52:42 2002


Posted by: alex Wed Jan 30 01:58:04 2002

I'm pretty sure that 1987 album (in its entirety) is currently sitting at . HAIL ERIS!

Posted by: alex Wed Jan 30 02:03:04 2002

try again! -- which also mentions --

Posted by: acb Wed Jan 30 05:03:59 2002

Good to know it's still out there.

Of course, if all else fails, there's always AudioGalaxy. There are a lot of rarities there to be found; more than on the less music-specific networks.

Posted by: alex http:// Thu Jan 31 01:55:52 2002

** blogjacking ** have been having fun with audiogalaxy ... (just warning yer wintel readers, natch)

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 31 02:08:06 2002

well, if you use Windows, you can expect to be virussed, wormed, spammed, spied on and otherwise screwed over... :-) So far nobody has seen the value of putting spyware in no-frills, UI-less Linux clients like AGSatelite or the (now defunct) KaZaA client.