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This afternoon, I got a message from Cos, saying that he picked up the new Neil Halstead album at Second Spin in Balaclava. So I caught a tram and a train down there, and picked up a copy, as well as second-hand copies of:

Being on a tight budget, I didn't pick up everything I found there; I didn't get The Sundays' Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (which didn't sound too bad, in a slightly Cocteau Twins-ish sort of way), the last Mojave 3 album, an album by Bandulu (who did a good remix of Slowdive's In Mind, though their own work sounded like fairly standard dub/electronica), or Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1996 compilation.

* such as the DJ Spooky mix of Undertow, which I'd love to get my hands on.

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Posted by: acb Sun Jan 27 14:42:27 2002

re: the DJ Spooky remix of Undertow: I found it on Gnutella. It's interesting; it reminded me a little of the version of The Cure's <I>Fascination Street</I> that's on <I>Mixed Up</I>. Only with more breakbeats, and rather minimal (but effective) use of vocals.