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The latest trend among Generation Xers: starter marriages; an increasing number of first marriages lasting fewer than five years. A sign of a society conditioned more to short-term gratification? (via Plastic)

(Also, Generation X seems to be moving, remaining constantly the mid-to-late-20s demographic; given that the GenXers in Coupland's novel would be approaching middle age now, and no longer in the lifestyle-product target demographic (or as The Onion once suggested, having passed 36 and fallen into the target market for lawn-care products and foot powders and such), and a new crop of people have become the new Xers. Perhaps you start off in Generation Y, and graduate into Gen X as soon as you lose your interest in extreme sports and MTV and replace your Limp Bizkit records with Yo La Tengo or the Dandy Warhols or somesuch, and your Big Yellow Shorts with a black turtleneck or possibly an ironically-worn 1950s gas-station-attendant shirt or somesuch.)

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