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According to this, I am scheduled to die on Saturday February 26, 2067, aged 93. Which makes me feel a bit better about having passed the big two-eight. Actually, it's more precise, saying that I'll snuff it at 10:16:23 AM of that fateful day. Which, given my sleeping patterns, means I'll die in my sleep; could be worse. (Though how it got that time without knowing what hour I was born on, or which time zone for that matter, is a bit dubious.) (via Gimbo)

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Posted by: higgins whilshire IV Tue Jan 29 21:35:27 2002

Actually according to my lifestyle data I'm spiralling toward 79. IF i change my habits I could go to 96. Why the fuck would I want that? If I'm still alive at 75, I obviously didn't have enough drugs, unprotected sex and bourbon.

Posted by: memphet http:// Tue Jan 29 23:43:05 2002

told me i could live to be 110 if I excercised more.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jan 30 00:51:47 2002

Cool. I die at 91. You get to go to my funeral!