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The Chaser has more articles online. Of particular note: "Harry Potter fans warn against dangerous effects of Bible", "CAMP X-RAY 'INHUMANE': Ruddock asks for brochure".. and don't tell me that Ratcat have reformed. (If so, wonder what they would sound like; would they just playing their 1990-vintage skater-pop hits on the nostalgia circuit for all the mortgaged new parents who used to be into them when they were kids, or have they jumped on the mook/rap-metal/big-yellow-shorts bandwagon and tried to reach out to a new crop of suburban teens?)

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Posted by: burgatron Mon Feb 4 20:40:05 2002

ratcat played either they sydney hombake or BDO. I didnt see them.

Posted by: Graham Mon Feb 4 23:44:31 2002

As far as I know, they've never really gone away, maybe taken a break perhaps, they just got dropped by their record company c.1993 or whenever.

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 5 07:08:13 2002

What have been doing in the interim? Playing suburban RSLs? Doing the bar mitzvah circuit? Touring Japan, where they're massively popular? Or something else altogether?

Posted by: Graham Tue Feb 5 11:37:56 2002

john paul jones rehashed one of his old songs with them for a soundtrack a few years back, and they're done a couple of few low-key fuzz pop albums, plus the recent best-of. plus simon day's probably kept doing his day job (graphic design, natch) to supplement the publishing income. rsl's? i doubt it, the audience wouldn't be young enough. see also: the sell-in.